Source code for platypush.backend.light.hue

import time

from threading import Thread

from platypush.backend import Backend
from platypush.context import get_plugin
from platypush.message.event.light import LightStatusChangeEvent

[docs]class LightHueBackend(Backend): """ This backend will periodically check for the status of your configured Philips Hue light devices and trigger events when the status of a device (power, saturation, brightness or hue) changes. Triggers: * :class:`platypush.message.event.light.LightStatusChangeEvent` when the status of a lightbulb changes Requires: * The :class:`platypush.plugins.light.hue.LightHuePlugin` plugin to be active and configured. """ _DEFAULT_POLL_SECONDS = 10
[docs] def __init__(self, poll_seconds=_DEFAULT_POLL_SECONDS, *args, **kwargs): """ :param poll_seconds: How often the backend will poll the Hue plugin for status updates. Default: 10 seconds :type poll_seconds: float """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.poll_seconds = poll_seconds
def _get_lights(self): plugin = get_plugin('light.hue') if not plugin: plugin = get_plugin('light.hue', reload=True) return plugin.get_lights().output def _listener(self): def _thread(): lights = self._get_lights() while not self.should_stop(): try: lights_new = self._get_lights() for light_id, light in lights_new.items(): event_args = {} state = light.get('state') prev_state = lights.get(light_id, {}).get('state', {}) if 'on' in state and state.get('on') != prev_state.get('on'): event_args['on'] = state.get('on') if 'bri' in state and state.get('bri') != prev_state.get('bri'): event_args['bri'] = state.get('bri') if 'sat' in state and state.get('sat') != prev_state.get('sat'): event_args['sat'] = state.get('sat') if 'hue' in state and state.get('hue') != prev_state.get('hue'): event_args['hue'] = state.get('hue') if 'ct' in state and state.get('ct') != prev_state.get('ct'): event_args['ct'] = state.get('ct') if event_args: event_args['light_id'] = light_id event_args['light_name'] = light.get('name')**event_args)) lights = lights_new except Exception as e: self.logger.exception(e) finally: time.sleep(self.poll_seconds) return _thread
[docs] def run(self): super().run() while not self.should_stop(): try: poll_thread = Thread(target=self._listener()) poll_thread.start() poll_thread.join() except Exception as e: self.logger.exception(e) time.sleep(self.poll_seconds)
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