Source code for platypush.plugins.calendar.ical

.. moduleauthor:: Fabio Manganiello <>

import datetime
import dateutil.parser
import requests

from platypush.plugins import Plugin, action
from platypush.plugins.calendar import CalendarInterface

[docs]class CalendarIcalPlugin(Plugin, CalendarInterface): """ iCal calendars plugin. Interact with remote calendars in iCal format. Requires: * **icalendar** (``pip install icalendar``) * **python-dateutil** (``pip install python-dateutil``) """
[docs] def __init__(self, url, *args, **kwargs): """ :param url: iCal URL to parse :type url: str """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.url = url
def _translate_event(self, event): return { 'id': str(event.get('uid')) if event.get('uid') else None, 'kind': 'calendar#event', 'summary': str(event.get('summary')) if event.get('summary') else None, 'description': str(event.get('description')) if event.get('description') else None, 'status': str(event.get('status')).lower() if event.get('status') else None, 'responseStatus': str(event.get('partstat')).lower() if event.get('partstat') else None, 'location': str(event.get('location')) if event.get('location') else None, 'htmlLink': str(event.get('url')) if event.get('url') else None, 'organizer': { 'email': str(event.get('organizer')).replace('MAILTO:', ''), 'displayName': event.get('organizer').params['cn'] } if event.get('organizer') else None, 'created': event.get('created').dt.isoformat() if event.get('created') else None, 'updated': event.get('last-modified').dt.isoformat() if event.get('last-modified') else None, 'start': { 'dateTime': event.get('dtstart').dt.isoformat() if event.get('dtstart') else None, 'timeZone': 'UTC', # TODO Support multiple timezone IDs }, 'end': { 'dateTime': event.get('dtend').dt.isoformat() if event.get('dtend') else None, 'timeZone': 'UTC', }, }
[docs] @action def get_upcoming_events(self, max_results=10, only_participating=True): """ Get the upcoming events. See :func:`~platypush.plugins.calendar.CalendarPlugin.get_upcoming_events`. """ import pytz from icalendar import Calendar events = [] try: response = requests.get(self.url) except Exception as e: self.logger.exception(e) return events if response.ok: calendar = None try: calendar = Calendar.from_ical(response.text) except Exception as e: self.logger.exception(e) return events for event in calendar.walk(): if != 'VEVENT': continue # Not an event event = self._translate_event(event) if event['status'] and event['responseStatus'] \ and dateutil.parser.parse(event['end']['dateTime']) >= \'UTC')) \ and ( (only_participating and event['status'] == 'confirmed' and event['responseStatus'] in ['accepted', 'tentative']) or not only_participating): events.append(event) else: self.logger.error("HTTP error while getting {}: {}".format(self.url, response)) return events
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